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Korean Air Lines Toronto

  Korean Air Lines Toronto
Description:   Korean Air Lines, KAL ( Toronto Reservation & Ticket Sales Office )
Phone:   905-676-8440, 1-800-438-5000
City:   Toronto
Address:   Lester Pearson Airport

Korean Air Lines, KAL ( Toronto Reservation & Ticket Sales Phone )

Toronto Reservation: 905-676-8440
Toll Free:
Lester B Pearson International Airport, P.O. BOX 6046,
Toronto AMF, ONT, L5P 1B2

Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. (KAL), operating ander name Korean Air, is the national and flag carrier airline of South Korea. The company it headquarted in Seoul, South Korea. In total the company serves flights to 115 cities in 38 countries. Korean Air Lines international passenger and cargo flights serve 130 cities in 45 countries (with subsidiary flights), while the domestic division serves 20 routes. The company is in top 20 airlines in the world airlines in terms of passengers number carried. Korean Air's international hub is Incheon International Airport. The airline maintains a satellite headquarters campus at Incheon International Airport, located 30 minutes drive from Seoul, the South Korea's capital. The arlines' main global headquarters campus and its Global Operations Center are located in Seoul, Korea. The company has a domestic office at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul. Other domestic hubs are located at Gimhae International Airport, Busan and Jeju International Airport. Some maintenace facilities are maintained in Gimhae international airport. Korean Air Lines currently has domestic flights to 14 cities, international flights to 37 countries 101 cities.

Korean Air Aircraft Fleet    Total  
Airbus A300-600R 8
Airbus A330-200 3
Airbus A330-300 16
Airbus A380-800 (8 orders)
Boeing 737-700 (1 order)
Boeing 737-800 16
Boeing 737-900 16
Boeing 737-900ER (4 orders)
Boeing 747-400 21
Boeing 777-200ER 17
(1 orders)
Boeing 777-300 4
Boeing 777-300ER (10 orders)
(4 options)
Boeing 787-8 (10 orders)
(10 options)

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