Miles to km and kilometers to mi Online Conversion Calculator

Miles to km and kilometers to miles Online Conversion Calculator

This converter provides conversion of miles to km (statute miles to kilometers) and backwards km to miles (kilometers to miles).

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mi to km (kilometers) conversion calculator.

The international statute mile is defined by international agreement. It is defined to be precisely 1,760 international yards (by definition, 0.9144 m each) and is therefore exactly 1,609.344 metres (1.609344 km). A kilometer is 0.621371192 miles. It is used in the US and the United Kingdom. The statute mile of 5,280 feet (about 1,609 m), or 63360 inches

Fast mi to km Conversion Table:

  1 = 1.609
  10 = 16.093
  50 = 80.467
  100 = 160.934
  500 = 804.672
  1000 = 1609.344
  Fast kilometer to mile Conversion Table:

  1 = 0.621
  10 = 6.214
  50 = 31.069
  100 = 62.137
  500 = 310.686
  1000 = 621.371

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