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Icelandair Airlines Toronto

Logo: Icelandair Airlines Toronto   Icelandair Airlines Toronto
Description:   Icelandair Airlines ( Toronto Reservation & Ticket Sales Phone )
Phone:   1-800-223-5500 ext 2
City:   Toronto
Image: Icelandair Airlines Toronto - Airlines
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    Icelandair Airlines (Toronto Office, Reservation & Ticket Sales Phone)

Icelandair doesn't have an office in Toronto, please contact North America Icelandair in US:
North America Icelandair Address: 1900 Crown Colony Drive, Floor 1
Quincy, MA 0216 USA
Toll-free telephone in North America: +1-800-223-5500 ext 2
Fax +1-857-403-1812
Working hours Mon to Fri, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday 8am - 12 noon
Sunday 8am - 12 noon
Closed Holidays

Icelandair Airlines is an international airline and the largest airline in Iceland, located in Reykjavík. The company is part of the Icelandair Group and operates flights to 24 cities in 12 countries on both shores of the Atlantic ocean. The main base of Icelandair Airlines is Keflavík International Airport. The company currently serves 24 gateways in Europe and North America, offering a range of services at budget prices. Icelandair is the largest subsidiary of Icelandair Group, which also handles flight operations for sister companies: Icelandair and CargoLoftleidir. The company is offering in-flight store Saga Boutique and operates the Icelandair Customer Club to support relationship with its most valuable customers.

Icelandair operates a fleet of Boeing 757 jet aircruft on the scheduled routes. The planes’ entertainment systems and seats were renewed in 2008. The entire fleet is fitted with safety equipment, often exceeding the general requirements of international flight regulations. The planes meet the latest international environmental requirements, regarding noise limits and the emission of substances. Icelandair Airlines and its forerunners, Loftleidir, Flugleidir and Flugfélag Íslands have been involved in flight operations since 1937, and established international flights in 1945. The company operates turbojets from 1957 and jets from 1967. The company replaced all the old planes with new Boeing 737-400 and 757-200 jets and Fokker 50 turboprop airliners between 1989 and 1992. These days the company operates Boeing 757-300 and Boeing 757-200 jets for scheduled flights, and the company also provides flights for other companies within the Icelandair Group. The biggest part of the fleet is providing conventional scheduled flights between Iceland and other countries and some planes are leased to domestic and foreign charter projects.

Fleet The Icelandair fleet includes the following aircraft:
15 Boeing 757-200
1 Boeing 757-300
4 Boeing 757-200F (Cargo)
On order: 10 Boeing 737-800 and 4 Boeing 787-8

Image: Icelandair Airlines Toronto

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