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Austrian Airline Toronto

  Austrian Airline Toronto
Description:   Austrian Airline Toronto Ticket Sales Office
Phone:   416-961-4500
Fax:   416-961-4501
City:   Toronto
Address:   1 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1K6
  Austrian Airlines Toronto Sales Office

1 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1K6

Hours : Monday to Friday
9 : 00 to 17 : 00, closed week-ends
Sales Office : Phone 416 961 4500 or 1 888 450 0088
Sales Office : Fax 416 961 4501
Reservations : 1 800 843 0002

Austrian Airlines Airport Office in Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Hours : 4 hours prior to flight departure
For Arrival / Departure information :
Phone : 1 800 843 0002

The Austrian Airlines Group includes three partner companies. The three partners in the Austrian Airlines Group are Austrian, Lauda Air and Austrian arrows.
The focus of Austrian Airlines is on scheduled traffic.
Austrian arrows specialises in regional business.
Lauda Air operates in the charter flight segment.
Austrian Airlines operates a modern fleet with average age 6.2 years, the age is substantially below the European average. Austrian Airlines's fleet is also one of the most modern in the world. Austrian Airlines is based in the Vienna hub, Vienna International Airport and uses superior infrastructure, with highly efficient handling of incoming and outgoing aircraft.
Austrian Airlines ensures fast and comfortable transfer of passengers in Vienna. Vienna International Airport has average transfer time of 25 minutes which is unique in Europe. Vienna International Airport also offers newly designed lounges to help passengers to spend time in pleasant and comfy atmosphere. The top priority for the Austrian Airlines Group is to provide passenger service to the highest industry standards. Austrian, Lauda Air and Austrian arrows brands of the Austrian Airlines Group are well-known around the world for their high levels of quality of service.

Austrian Airlines' AG is the biggest airline of Austria, headquartered in Vienna. Together with regional subsidiary Austrian Arrows and charter company Lauda Air, it operates scheduled services to over 130 destinations. Its main base is Vienna International Airport, with an additional hub at Innsbruck Airport. Tthe Austrian Airlines Group had services 10.8 million passengers in 2007.
A major focus in the Austrian route network is Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft :

Austrian Airlines Fleet
Aircraft Total
Airbus A319-114 7
Airbus A320-214 6
Airbus A321-111/211 6
Boeing 737-600 1
Boeing 737-700 2
Boeing 767-300ER 6
Boeing 777-200ER 4

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